I'm still figuring this shit out. Cyberspacing in real time, if you will.


My little corner of the internet. We all need one.

UPDATE: Lotsa stuff has been added, I'm keeping my original intro below, but now I'm actually kinda proud of the site :). Welcome! Please check all the stuff out and let me know..anything! Or nothing at all, glad to have you here either way.

Hello visitor!! Name's Wafflez, this is a MAJOR work in progress. No actually. I barely know any code.

I once saw a tumblr post on all this neocities business. There's something hella inspiring about it, yk? Was putting this off for the longest time, but as seen above: we all need our little corner of the internet. A lil safe space, rather than a goddamn shopping mall where we're either always buying or are the product.

I'm gonna leave a link to my art tumblr here, till I figure out more stuff I can do within this HTML/CSS business :D Feel free to reach out to me on there!!

Await more cool additions, nerd stuff n art


leave me a message if u stopped by :3